How A Vanity URL Can Help Your Website’s SEO

How A Vanity URL Can Help Your Website’s SEO

When creating a site an often overlooked essential step is planning your site structure. Your site structure is all about how the pages on your site are connected but it can be difficult to know if you should use sub-domains, sub-directories or even use multiple domains.

There’s a lot of conflicting information out there about how your site should be structured and it’s a big factor in your SEO ranking so you need to get it right. Kissmetrics do a great job of explaining just why your site structure is so important and how you can go about creating a site structure that will help improve your SEO.

The challenge is that you want to choose a domain name and website structure that helps your SEO ranking but you also want a simple, easy to share domain name that fits your brand. This is where Vanity URLs can help. Today I want to show you how you can optimize your website structure for both search engines and human beings.

Website structure basics
Before we get into how Vanity URLs come into the SEO equation let’s cover some of the basics of website structure. There are lots of different ways a website can be structured but a straightforward structure looks something like this:

There’s the main homepage that branches into subpages and these can branch into even further pages.

One of the challenges you’ll face when structuring your site is that it’s likely many of your pages will mention the same keyword or phrase. This means these pages are in competition with each other to rank in Google and your website is in competition with itself. As intelligent as Google is it can’t read minds (yet!) so it can be unsure which page you want to rank for a keyword or phrase.

Let’s take the example of a marketing agency that has a main homepage and subpages for each service that they offer. Their main service offering that brings in the most income is web design. But they also offer other services like market research, event management and social media management.

Following SEO best practices for their website structure, they create a homepage on and use sub-pages for their different service offerings. Ideally, they would like their homepage to appear whenever someone searches for any of “web design”, “event management” or “SEO optimization” management but this isn’t so easy in practice.

Instead, they focus their homepage on the keyword “web design” since this is their main revenue stream and they create subpages for their event management and social media management services.

It’s important that they don’t have pages competing with each other to rank for keywords so they don’t create a subpage for web design services.
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